Carol Elliott



√          aprons of all types and descriptions

√          food-safe, easy to use sandwich and snack bags 

√          Gifts - wedding, Christmas, birthday  





The inspiration to start sewing aprons came from my grandson.  We wanted to give him a birthday gift that he didn’t already have.  However, this little boy seemed to have every book printed for children, a plethora of t-shirts, pants, shoes, socks,  games, puzzles, and just about everything a person could buy for a child. 

So, we decided we had to be more creative – just what could we give him for his birthday that he would love and that he didn’t already have!

Well, this little boy loves to cook with his daddy and do crafts with his mommy.  So, we made him his very own apron - one that he could put on and take off without any help.  He loved it!  And, so did his mommy!

Since one thing always leads to another, his mommy then decided that our little boy needed snack bags for playschool – and she asked if it was possible for me to make a sandwich bag, too.  So, I made a matching set.  Because both bags are the same fabric, he knows the bags his Nana’s made, and he remembers to bring them home. 

My first priority was to make easy to use sandwich and snack bags that are both food-safe and easy to clean.  And, they can be put right into the dishwasher.   In addition they are easy for little fingers to open and close but keep the sandwich fresh and keep the snacks in the bag where they belong. Most home made bags that are closed with long strips of Velcro are just too difficult for little fingers to open without help, and this little boy is very independent.   So, the design is easy for a child to open and close with no help from an adult.   And, as a bonus, my grandson loves the just-for-kids fabric.

I now sew custom aprons to fit every person and need, whether it is an apron for a special needs child or a crumb-collector apron for a senior adult; we make matching aprons for moms and tots or for grandma and grand tots. And aprons for the whole family made from the same fabric. We make BBQ aprons for both men and women.  We make durable coffee-house wait-staff aprons and cooks aprons.  We make special bavettes of soft, absorbent flannel to keep clothing dry when excessive salivation is a concern. 

Along with all of these, you just have to see the ‘little black dress’ aprons and those frilly little hostess aprons.  And best of all, water proof aprons for washing pets and hair defying aprons for dog groomers.

The snack and sandwich bags are a WINNER!  We are helping families save money on plastic bags and plastic wrap by using reusable sandwich and snack pouches (and sometimes sandwich wraps, too).

No more plastic baggies and no more plastic wrap.  Just high quality, affordable, reusable bags made in the Comox Valley that encourage everyone to reduce waste, respect our community, the environment, and the planet.


Your input and ideas are important to us.  Together we can come up with an original just for you.  We can sew Barista aprons that match your Café’s décor, or sew an apron in your mother’s favorite colour.  We can even put a picture of your very own grandchild on an apron. Or your grandkids doll clothing or your favorite four-legged friends collar bling.

 We do whatever it takes to create a special item that will be treasure for years to come.

Browse through the pictures of some of the aprons we have already made for clients, and take a look at the fabrics that are available and then give us a call. We bring patterns, samples, lots of design concepts, and a bit of down-to-earth realism to help guide the artistic process  – and, of course, some fabric samples.