Theresa Brulotte

Balanced Being, Massage, Energy Therapy and Coaching

Do you find yourself feeling like you have more potential, physically and emotionally, but you seem to be stuck? You cant get out of the routine or rut you are in, your habits physically and emotionally just continue, even though you don't want them to. Do you want a fresh start, to find your center of balance, your momentum and drive, and then maintain it. I can help with that.

I specialize in helping others reclaim their health, passion and personal power.  With a large “toolkit” of techniques, we get to the "heart" of the what ever is preventing you from living life fully, and transform it so you can live a balanced centerd impowered healthy life. 


Re-balancing bodywork, Matrix Energetics, Quantium Touch, and Neuro Linguistics, are a few of the techniques I drawn from to assist you in wellness and balance. I continue to upgrade my education and awarenss. I have been practicing in the Valley since 2005. For further information about me, or to set up a free consult, go to my web page



250 703 6138
    1892 Marten ave.
Comox, BC
V9M 2K2