January's Spotlight Speaker - Maggie Komar

Friday, December 7th, 2018

Maggie Komar

Maggie Komar is a Qualified National Marketing Director with JuicePlus. In 1996, she was teaching school when she first heard about fruits and vegetables in capsules.  Having always had an interest in health, she quickly realized that her life was about to take a new direction as the potential of JuicePlus as a convenient solution for people who find it difficult to eat well was obvious. Maggie loves to teach about health, but her greatest satisfaction and her motivation for continuing the business is when her customers report how JuicePlus has changed their lives. 

As the 2010 recipient of the Minerva Award, Maggie is delighted to return to CVWBN after a few years absence and looks forward to sharing her knowledge at the January 9th, 2019 meeting

Learn more at: www.thehealthyway.ca.