September 2018 Spotlight Speaker

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Jessica Doreinsky

For most of my life, I was playing the biggest game I knew how. I landed great jobs and had already got to live and work on two continents. But I still didn’t feel fully alive. I kept looking for the missing "peace”.

What I discovered is that we all hold inside us the ticket to living a meaningful and joyful life. I learned that none of the programmings in our brains has to be permanent. We can rewire the way we respond to stress and past events, allowing us to respond to our inner callings without fear or freezing.

Now my mission is to help people live a fulfilling life and can give their real self to the world. I’m going to show you to hack your brain on September 12 so you can live at your potential!

Jessica Dorzinsky
EFT Tapping Coach
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