Acquired Space Decluttering

letting go…space to grow

Let me walk with you on your journey to acquire more spaciousness in your life.

Have you thought that you would like to have less clutter in your life, but never seem to get around to getting rid of it? It would be my pleasure to be your guide on this endeavour to achieve the gratification that goes along with decluttering.

There are many reasons that you may have for wanting to declutter and all of them are valid:

-open up space for more creativity

-take inventory of what’s important to you

-organizing what you already have to save you from buying unnecessary items

-donating items that no longer serve you but may serve others, thereby contributing to less consumerism

-wanting to spend less time looking for items

-moving forward from past relationships

-downsizing, moving, empty nest, life change

-personal growth

Even as a child I loved organizing and I remember getting out all of my mom’s nail polish and sorting them into categories. Decluttering is my passion that was ignited by my own personal experience. At a crossroads in my life I decluttered my home after reading a tidying book that a friend gave me. At the end of the process I found the courage to make a profound life decision.

I believe whole heartedly in this process and it would be a dream come true to share this with the people in our beautiful community.


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