June 10 Wrap Up Special Meeting!!

This months meeting is for Members and Guests!

Prizes for the BEST HAT and BINGO WINNERS include dinners for
our fall meetings at the Blackfin Pub as well as Gift Certificates
for the Ocean7 Restaurant at the Kingfisher Resort.



Each player will have access to 3 bingo cards but is only eligible to win one time. 

Click on the hyperlink above and you will be taken to the Bingo game’s website.  You will see a form requesting your email address.  Your email will not be used by the Bingo company for any other purpose except for them to send you your cards. When you send your email address to the Bingo game website, they will in turn email you back three individual bingo cards links.  Check your SPAM folder if you do not see the returning email in your Inbox.
Click on each bingo card link and print them or save them to your computer to use virtually while we play our game. It is your choice. PLEASE DOWNLOAD YOUR CARDS PRIOR TO THE START OF OUR MEETING.

If you look at them carefully you’ll see that each of your bingo cards has a unique number. 

We are going to play four games of bingo:  Game one and two will be 1)2) straight line , game three will be 3) one four corners/postage stamp, and game four 4) will be a black out.  We will use your bingo card 3) for the four corner/postage stamp and the blackout bingo.  When we finish game 3 save your numbers and we’ll just continue on until we have a black out.
If you have problems feel free to contact us at comoxvalleywbn@gmail.com