Balanced Being, Massage, Energy Therapy and Coaching

My gift is to guide you into deeper self-discovery.

Do you find yourself feeling like you have higher potential, but you seem to be stuck? Many people feel “stuck” in a routine or rut, yet want to separate from this. At our core, we are a product of unconscious learned behaviours from childhood and ancestors. Do you want to break free from that cycle, live your passion, become empowered, increase your energy, your health and maintain it? I can help achieve this.

I specialize in helping others reclaim their health, passion and power. When you come to see me, you will be heard. Through my 15 years of practice, I have developed a large and holistic “toolkit” of techniques and modalities. These techniques effectively reach and identify the heart of whatever is preventing you from living life fully. Then, I help transform it so you can live a balanced and empowered life.  

I am certified in Massage, energy work (such as Reiki and Matrix Energetics), Nero Linguistic Programming and Coaching. I draw on these to assist you in wellness and balance.

Please see my web page for further information about me or to set up a free consult.