2019 / 2020

Board of Directors

President: Dennyse Harris – uBlossom Retreats
Vice President: Chelsea Bell – Open Connection
Past President: Meta Wood – REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty
Treasurer: Jolene Forbes – Robbins & Co. Chartered Accountants
Secretary: Michelle Siao – Scotia Mcleod

Membership Director: Cheryl Rosiak – Acquired Space Decluttering
Spotlight Director: Carol Elliot – Saying Goodbye Funeral Celebrations
Program Director: Tracey Gard – Edward Jones
Facilities Director: Deanna Papineau – Deanna’s Aroma Reiki Healing
Newsletter Director: Anne Dunnett – Inklings Design
Website Director: Kim Sleno – Kim Sleno Portraits
Social Media Director: Chelsea Bell – Open Connection

Directors at Large/Advisors to the Board:
Theresa Brulotte – Balanced Being
Terri Perrin – Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui

Congratulations to our newly elected 2019/20 Board of Directors!

2018 / 2019

President: Meta Wood – REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty
Vice President: Chelsea Bell – Open Connection
Treasurer: Jolene Verboom – Robbins & Co. Chartered Accountants
Secretary: Diana Graham – La-Z-Boy Furniture Courtenay

Website: Terri Perrin – Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui
Facilities: Deanna Papineau – Deanna’s Aroma Reiki Healing
Program/Speakers: Dennyse Harris –uBlossom Retreats
E-newsletter: Vicki Willems – Arbonne International

Spotlight Speakers: Carol Elliot – 12 Yellow Aprons
Membership: Theresa Brulotte – Balanced Being

Program/Speakers: Tracey Gard – Edward Jones