A funeral celebrant is described by Vlady Peters as being “like the conductor of an orchestra, the DJ at a disco club, the MC at a wedding reception. The Celebrant helps to direct the event, maximize its importance, and dramatize its impact”.

As a Celebrant I consult with two different sets of people. The first group is the immediate family of a deceased person. With this group a ceremony highlights the beliefs, values, and desires of the deceased individual AND those of their family. After your passing, and during one of the most stressful periods of their mourning, your family has long lists of time sensitive to-do lists: contacting friends and relatives, deciding on a funeral director, writing obituaries, to bury or to cremate, pallbearers, selecting photo’s and trying to pick out your favorite music . . .

The majority of the people I consult with are 1) Those that want to relieve their family of some of this stress, and 2) Those who want to know what is going to be said and done. They want to add their voice to the service by sharing their favorite stories and happy memories, sharing their best photos and listening to their much loved music. They want their end-of-life ceremony to be a beautiful, uplifting experience for everyone that attends.

What are they going to say about you?