Comox Valley Record

I have been working as an Advertising Consultant with the Comox Valley Record for the past 23 years and have now branched into the digital world of advertising which includes website, programmatic, SEO.  My career has been rewarding and especially when I was awarded the Vancouver Island  Black Press Presidents Award for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 followed by the 2016/2017 Comox Valley Women’s Business Network Minerva Award.  What keeps me going – are my clients.  I am always impressed with their wide variety of backgrounds and the interesting stories of what makes them choose their professions or products and to the challenges they face in their business. I owe my success to my clients!  

My philosophy remains the same.

“Frequency builds awareness, awareness builds familiarity and familiarity builds trust.  People have new wants and needs every day, frequency advertising reaches people when they are ready to buy, not just when you are ready to sell.”  

I am your local connection to the community!

For local or out of area markets, I can connect you with advertising packages to suit everyone’s budget – newsprint, flyers, web or digital ads.

  407D 5th Street Courtenay
BC V9N 2Z7