Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at a meeting?

We meet the second Wednesday of each month between September and June. Our meetings are via zoom and are free for paid members. Meeting can also be held in-person at various venues. Members will recieve a discount on in-person meetings. Pricing is variable depending on the location and services offered (coffee, dessert or full dinner or luncheon).

Our meetings generally start with guest introductions and breakout room for networking. We enjoy 1 or 2 spotlight speakers (paid members option to pitch their businessess), a keynote speaker from outside the community on a variety of topics to support women in their businessess.


May I bring a friend to a meeting?

Yes! We encourage you to bring colleagues, business contacts, clients, prospective clients and friends to meetings. Please follow the same steps to register your guests as you would to register yourself. Note that guests will have to pay a fee for zoom meetings and in-person meetings.

How do I buy meeting tickets? Is there a deadline?

Tickets are available online through Eventbrite. Online pre-registration is always required meetings. Typically registration closes 72 hours in advance for any in-person meetings.

I don’t own (or manage) a business, will I still feel welcome?

Absolutely, yes! We welcome women from all business sectors, all levels, and all ages! Our members represent everything from home-based network marketing enterprises to business owners and managers … and everything in between!

How many meetings may I, or my friend attend before we have to become a member?

After you have attended two meetings, you will be required to join us as a member.  In the meantime, to stay up to date on our events and community endeavours please sign up to receive our e-newsletter for free and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.