Inklings Design

Inklings Design is an independent graphic design studio based in the Comox Valley and is owned by graphic designer Anne Dunnett. With over 20 years experience, Anne has worked with a variety of clients ranging from larger corporate organizations to small independent businesses. Anne takes great pride in her work and on being sensitive to her clients’ needs and listening to their design challenges to bring them growth and success. She is also a haiku poet and has a passion project called Everyday Haiku. Anne’s haiku poetry has won honorable mentions and has been critiqued and reviewed by some of the best well-known haiku poets in Canada and the United States. She is an active member of the Vancouver Haiku Group and a member of Haiku Canada. Some of her haiku has been self-published and some has been featured in haiku anthologies, including Erotic Haiku. Her haiku poems have twice won honourable mention at Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival.