January 13, 2021 Meeting

Join us for our meeting January 13 – Goal Setting & Mind Mapping Event- via zoom. Free for paid members, $10 for guests. Start time 7:00pm. Click on the link below for tickets.

What to expect?

To laugh and dream – to identify some key goals for you for 2021.

To gain new understanding and insight into the profound value and art of setting personal and professional goals.

Our goal is for you to have the most successful year ever as a result of what we will show you in this introductory workshop.

Preparation & Supplies:

Before the workshop: Please take some time and complete the Wheel of Life (you will get a copy when you register) What you get out of this workshop will be proportional to what you put into the process.

Please have either some blank white paper or a piece of white poster board and a pile of coloured pens/crayons or felt pens.

Zoom Link – access link will be emailed upon registration



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