January 2020 Meeting

Speak with Power & Presence 

One of the most common things women share with me is how important it is to them that they make a genuine connection. Public speaking and pitching our business can bring up fear, awkwardness, and lack of confidence. My passion is to help women gain practical tools so they can be themselves and speak with ease, authenticity, and impact. Come learn…

  • What makes a pitch authentic?
  • Why public speaking is a top fear?
  • How to transform nerves into connection?
  • Why storytelling is a number one speaking tool?
  • How acting techniques can help us deliver with power and presence?

Dayna Kneeland is a public speaking and communication coach who helps individuals and organizations clarify their message, transform nerves, and reach the hearts of their listeners. She has been teaching for over 20 years within the business, non-profit, and educational sectors and is a professionally trained stage actor. Dayna holds a Masters of Education and BC Instructors diploma.

“Our voice is fundamental to our lives. It’s how we connect, learn, and contribute to our community”


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