March Meeting – Nurturing Resilience Pt. 2

Join us online for another evening of connection, networking and conversations on how to boost your business.

When: March 10, 2021
Time: 7 PM – 9 PM PST via. Zoom
Price: Free for members and $10 for non-members.

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Our monthly March Meeting (via zoom) is a time when we can safely connect, converse and find ways we can support each other’s businesses.

information about our March event

Join us for part 2 of our series on nurturing our resiliency. Learn valuable tools and tips to help us overcome the current adversity in our businesses and personal lives so we can be inspired to keep moving forward towards our dreams and goals in 2021. If you missed our first part last month-no problem-please join us!

About Our Keynote Speaker: Corrine Ropp

Corinne Ropp, Cht, is an expert in Hypnotherapy and Life Engineering. Her training in hypnotherapy and behavioural science, as well as coaching, has allowed her to be of service to thousands locally and internationally.

Corinne, born and raised in Abbotsford has been married for 30 years, is a mother of three and grandmother to 5. Her focus on family is utmost. A cancer thriver, a black belt martial artist, and best selling author and trainer, Corinne does not let fear or anything stop her from doing what she loves to do.

For the past ten years Corinne has run a personal development training centre, YOU Seminars Inc and two years ago opened a hypnotherapy training and coaching college, YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy in Coquitlam BC. and Kelowna BC. She also has a private practice in Coquitlam as well as New Leaf Wellness Center in Abbotsford.

Our March Spotlight Speaker is Sita Then

Coffin building (and decorating) can be very healing, effectively connecting people to each other during a time of tragedy. It allows everyone to participate as they can or as they choose. It gives those who are left some control over end of life ceremonies and helps to express feelings and emotions that are often hard to convey.

The green burial movement is gaining in acceptance, as exhibited by the proliferation of green burial areas of cemeteries all across Canada, particularly BC.