Alice Russell Natural Nutritionist

Alice Russell

Natural Nutritionist, Thorne Brand Supplements Supplier

I am Alice Russell; a Natural Nutritionist with additional Certification in Safe Supplementation, Natural Herbs and a Mental Health Certificate that includes Alzheimer’s and age-related Illnesses, Mood Disorders and Addictions, Mindfulness and Neuropsychoendocrinology (Hormones).  I am also a Professional Cook.

I offer flexible appointment times at my office in Cumberland. I offer a 1-hour complimentary information sessions, one on one sessions, and support available between appointments.

My appointments are geared to the client’s needs and goals and cover:

Clarification of Food Labeling including Nutritional Analysis

Portions Sizes, and Product Ingredients

Personalized Whole Foods Shopping Plans and Recommendations

Individualized Cooking Plans and Menu Ideas

Assistance setting up a Maintenance or Therapeutic Supplemental Program

Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and member of the

CSNN Alumni Assosiation.

I recommend and sell Thorne Brand Supplements




Cumberland, BC